Shipping & Returns


1)    You must contact SF within 30 days of the invoice date for a Returned Goods Authorization Number. Be prepared to supply the invoice number, date purchased, number of pieces, SF part number(s), and a reason for wanting to return the merchandise.

SF will then issue a returned goods authorization (RGA) number that…


The RGA number is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance. After that, it will be voided and any material returned against it will be refused and returned to you, freight collect.

2)    Merchandise ordered by mistake may be returned by you, using prepaid surface freight, providing that you have obtained a Returned Goods Authorization Number.

Returned materials shall be received and inspected and if the materials are in a condition that allows for resale, a credit or replacement shall be issued. The credit shall be at original invoice price, less a reasonable handling charge and less any freight charges.

3)    Materials that are ordered from SF that are non-stock or non-returnable to our vendor are considered “special” and cannot be returned for any reason except under warranty.

4)    SF shall issue full credit or replacement and pay freight costs on returned goods caused by SF’s error, provided however, that the error is reported within 10 days of shipment. An RGA number is still required in this case.

5)    Returns requested as a result of SF’s error which are not reported within the 30 days, are subject to

#2 above.

6)    We issue in-store credit only.

7)    All cash sales are final, unless you have an open account to which credit for the returned product can be applied.