Making Your Life Easier

At SF Supply, our goal is to make your life easier and provide you with the tools and services that allow you to complete your job quickly and efficiently. Consult with our team to see how we can streamline part of your business. 


SF Supply stocks and sells wire and cable as well as many other products on full spools. We offer de-spooling on many of these items to fit your specific needs. Examples of these products include: 

Wire spools

-High Pair Count Copper

-Inner Duct

-Coaxial Cable

-Fiber Optic Cable

-Cat 5e and Cat6 Cables

-Direct Burial and Outside Plant Cables

-Multi-conductor Cable

-Hook-up Wire

-Speaker Wire

-Split Loom & Spiral Wrap

-Heat Shrink

Warranty & Repair

At SF Supply we can take care of warranty replacements and repairs for many of the products that we sell.

Hand Tools: We offer warranty replacement service on most of the hand tools that we carry.

Milwaukee Power Tools: We are an Authorized Milwaukee Warranty Repair Center for the following categories: 


Power Tools

One Key

Outdoor Power Equipment


Repairs will either be performed by one of our in-house technicians or sent directly to a Milwaukee Factory Repair Center. If it is determined your product is still under warranty, it will be fixed for FREE however there is a $10.95 Diagnosis/Processing Fee for all service & repairs.  If your product is out of warranty, we will provide a quote to complete the repair. 


Any Milwaukee tools in need of repair that are outside of our authorized categories will be sent directly to the Milwaukee Factory Repair Center. A service fee of $10.95 applies.

Milwaukee Power Tool Batteries: We can perform warranty replacement on site for most Milwaukee Tool batteries.

If you prefer, you can process a repair for most tools yourself using Milwaukee's E-service page. 

Men at Milwaukee service counter

*Note: We only service Milwaukee Brand Power Tools. 

Apprentice & New Hire Kits

Hand tools in Milwaukee Tote

Work with our sales team to tailor a new hire or apprentice kit to your specific needs. Our wide variety of tools allows us to outfit kits for multiple trades. Even better, we get everything ready so all you need to do is pick it up.

Safety & Custom PPE

Engage with us to see how we can fulfill your worksite safety needs. We stock respirators, masks, lanyards, earplugs, multiple glove styles, safety glasses, headlamps, and various forms of head & face protection. Hi-Vis vests and hard hats can also be customized to your preference. Keep your crew safe with Personal Protective Equipment from Milwaukee Tools.

Men reviewing building plans in hi-vis vests