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We are looking at the Rolex Oyster Perpetual fake Yacht-Master 40mm in 18 carat rose gold, which is a brand new and highly sought after watch, one of about 16655 fake watches From a Rolex collector's point of view, this watch is revolutionary in 2015 and you can see it on our website, if you like it you can buy it calmly. You can see on my wrist the six-inch and three-inch 16 cm circumference, which is the same as the Rolex six-digit yacht main case you use. Remember the difference here is that the combination of the new Oyster composite metal and rubber strap, as well as the two-tone rose gold and ceramic bezel color treatment, the watch reads completely different from the past, which is for Rolex, but first is that you have to look at the specifications of the watch , which is 12 to 12 ½ mm thick and 48 mm from lug to lug, across the narrowest part of the circular watch frame, forty millimeters.

169622 Rolex Yacht-Master Unisex Automatic Black Dial


Case The reading and feel of the rubber strap is completely different The truly transformative feature is that this is the first time the factory has equipped a Rolex watch with a rubber strap, which today is no longer new, even in the Rolex world, those familiar with the Tudor line know that this was done before there would be a precious metal Rolex or anything related to this Combining Rolex with a full integrated rubber strap, Rolex actually avoids the S-word, preferring instead to call it a bracelet, and bracelets have a name - as you can see in the light of my light box, you can see the engraved oyster spots prominently displayed, so if you want to bend it the oyster flex is done as if that's the only way you're wearing Rolex fake watches now that the bottom line is worn Unlike any other rubber strap, I first and experienced the most important because it has this bellows built-in system and I often crank out rubber straps under that feature slot or relief channel basically anything that can let the wrist breathe and let us heat out our moisture will not be on your skin for example trap grit if you're in the sand is if you're dusty wearing the watch on the beach A Rolex takes it to a completely different level and can only be described as a three-dimensional system in order to support the contours of the wrist, Rolex says that this has a dual purpose: first of all there is an obvious pressure relief channel that can dissipate the heat from sweat and moisture, but the second purpose is a little more, we should say that it is used to hold the structure of the watch so that it basically sits evenly on the wrist, to fill in the lugs that could be in the watch. Now, many of the bands that fit the case tend to open outward at the junction with the edge of the case that shows the minimum clearance, and with the Oyster Flex Rolex there's no one else doing that, adding a little bit of volume under the part that's going to open up, rather than adding a hollow underneath it. adding a hollow underneath so that the watch can move so that the bellows really jumps out and goes with the wristband so that the watch can have a little bit of a virtual flare or diameter, but the strap can stick outward, but at the same time, the strap doesn't have the feeling of free swimming or flipping, or the flap is very smart and impressive.


One of the few ways that you can reimagine an already done belt with just one foot is actually one of the few ways that you can reimagine an already done belt, but one of the few ways in which fake Rolex reimagines a belt I should say is an honest bracelet, because truthfully it does have inside its overall metal it's a combination of nickel and titanium inside now I can't quite clear whether we're talking about an alloy that's made up of two or more individual elements. more than one individual element of the alloy, but what I can tell you is that it is joined by a metal bar that allows it to be secured to the lugs by a security bar and then again to the clasp, so you're looking at the ergonomic level of comfort and all-weather versatility that rubber brings, but at the same time, the Rolex Oyster does have a little bit of Bracelet DNA contains exotic metal combinations, but there's no question that it's extremely flexible by name, which is not a sturdy strap in any way. Now, the clasp has become what you would expect from a contemporary Rolex 18 carat roller rose, and I should say that the Rolex Rose Gold is just the rest of the watch is completely polished, it has good fade resistance, it closes very securely with a satisfying scratch and snap sound, and it does give you the feeling that you are looking at the components of a bracelet rather than the The quality of the connection point strap is Rolex standard, and its construction is stunning, especially the finishing on each inner surface, which is the standard of finishing construction you would expect from an ode to a fine watch, a fact that Rolex has made an increasingly impressive part of its repertoire in recent years, and it does have to do with Rolex embracing its role related to high-end luxury accessories as well as the traditional tool watch tradition, but in terms of the durability of tool fake watches

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We saw the Rolex Yacht-Master with a ceramic bezel for the first time, and today the fake Yacht-Master always stands out by using precious metal inserts or an all-precious metal bezel since 1992 Even while the other Submariner sports watches, the water sports fake watches and the Rolex mainstream lineup are basically anodized with metal inserts, the Yacht-Master Here we have the Sarah chrome-plated ceramic bezel, which is treated slightly differently than the Submariner or the Submariner you see on the GMT, with an impressive embossed effect on a matte base, with the actual characters for the Arabic numerals and the calibrated indexes are lifted from the mat base, so it has three all calibrated scales in size as well as the highly polished finish of the numerals themselves, all with a scale at 12 o'clock. I want to make a key distinction here because I've read some online descriptions of the watch that describe it as a black luminance Nova, not a polished triangular scale, it's perfectly visible in daylight, not something that glows in the dark, not to be mistaken for an OVA optical cavity, but because of the ceramic used, the watch lasts a long time when brought to the table and let's face it Let's face it, even the precious metal inserts on the original operating masters tend to tarnish to scratch them susceptible to small scratches and knocks, not so with the combination of ceramic and polished, you can really see it in the reflection, the polished and brushed elements make it one of the most striking finishes I've ever seen on a Rolex or chrome But , unlike the precious metal on GMT and other dive watches Compared to the polished Serra chrome filled bezel , it has a greater visual impact and I also want to evoke the dial which combines the classic Rolex stunning gold plated style text white printed red fake Yacht-Master script along with applied 18 carat rose gold indices and hands, it's a beautiful composition It's a black brushed case and you can't say the exact reflective properties in the light box or here iPhone, but it's all those elements of the frosted black base, it's really attractive, and now the watch does have an Oyster case water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet, it's a Yacht-Master, not a Submariner, so it's not an ultra deep diver, but the inside is the same thing as the current Submariner, it's Rolex movement 31 35 joules, hertz per hour or 28,800 operations, which is cos C chronographs do stall or stop for a few seconds so you can set the reference time to seconds, but it does have a date quick set function does have an anti-magnetic chrome blue barrel spring, which is not silicone Wand Excalibur II, III, III, VI What you see in the Yacht-Master 37 mm is a completely different watch, a completely different case and a completely different movement, a very traditional modern Rolex self-winding movement with an unconventional combination of strap dial and bezel, which is one of the most talked about watches of 2015 in the Rolex catalog, as you can see in this Rolex Oyster Perpetual fake Yacht-Master 40 mm 116655.

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